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Sentinel Veterinary Specialists & EmergencySentinel Veterinary Specialists & Emergency

Phone: (406) 218‑2800
Address: 1704 S Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59801

Exceptional Veterinary Services with a Kind Heart

We are a team of board-certified specialists, highly trained emergency doctors and top veterinary professionals dedicated to providing world-class medicine and care. We aim to be an integral part of Western Montana’s veterinary community, caring for patients that need extra attention and an after-hours presence.

Critical Care for Montana’s Pets

Like our other specialty services, our Critical Care Service is managed by a board-certified veterinary specialist.

A dog recovering in our critical care unit.

Dr. Annie Wright is a board-certified specialist in emergency and critical care who is supported by a group of compassionate and highly trained doctors and nurses.

Veterinary critical care, like in human medicine, is a specialized service focusing on medical care for patients that may have experienced a severe trauma, or emergency and need immediate intensive care. Often these patients need around-the-clock monitoring and require advanced diagnostic and treatment options to provide the patient with the best chance at survival.

Sentinel Veterinary Specialists & Emergency is uniquely equipped to care for Montana’s critically ill pets, by combining a collaborative team of veterinary specialists with state-of-the-art medical equipment and acumen required to care for the sickest patients.

Some of the critical care services we provide include:

  • In-house advanced imaging including digital radiography, high-resolution ultrasound, CT, and fluoroscopy
  • State-of-the-art monitoring including pulse oximetry, capnography, blood pressure (invasive and non-invasive), and telemetry system for continuous ECG monitoring
  • Advanced multimodal pain management
  • Emergency endoscopy for foreign body retrieval
  • Enteral and parenteral nutritional support
  • In-house laboratory services such as blood gas monitoring, CBC, blood chemistry analysis, and coagulation testing
  • Oxygen therapy including critical care ICU oxygen cages, and nasal oxygen therapy
  • Transfusion medicine and blood component therapy

If you are a primary care veterinarian, please call (406) 218-2800 if you have questions about our surgical capabilities.