Around the clock care is a community effort.

We consider ourselves an extension of your primary care provider, and we are here to support them when they are unable to perform necessary therapy or monitoring.

They may refer you to us for overnight monitoring or procedures cannot fit into their busy schedules.

We are actively working towards a future where we offer services from board certified specialists to compliment our vision for Western Montana’s veterinary community.

Blocked Cats

We monitor blocked cats with a urethral catheter to make sure IV fluids keep running at appropriate rates while monitoring urine output.

Seizure Watch

We will monitor for ongoing seizure activity and help reduce their occurrence should maintenance medications be ineffective. An IV catheter is kept in place to make sure we have immediate access should it be necessary.

Critical Care

Some patients require advanced care and a close watch when they are critically ill. With a doctor present at all hours we can help with complications. Chest tubes, tracheostomy tubes, internal bleeding, blood transfusions, and post-operative monitoring for extensive surgeries are just a few of the things we do.