Treatment Plans

For every case we will present a treatment plan outlining the costs associated with the ideal diagnostics and therapeutic needs of your pet.

We will work with you to narrow down what is achievable, provide information about expectations, and educate you about common causes of symptoms and risks for your pet.

Our Service

We maintain a well-trained staff at all times to assist with all levels of illness and injury. As such, though we aim to help every person afford emergency veterinary care, the costs of emergency medicine are inherently higher than seeing your primary care.

Here at Sentinel, our costs are matched with our high-quality emergency medicine. We are dedicated toward advancing veterinary knowledge and providing services that everyone in Western Montana can trust.

Payment Timing

We do not provide payment plans at this time. Payment plans frequently increase the cost of care. We focus on our medicine while Care Credit helps manage payment plans.

​We recommend applying for Care Credit in advance to help guide us towards the services we can provide.

Please note that visits will require a 50% deposit if admitted to the hospital.

Care Credit

Emergency Care

Emergency Exam $105

​The initial exam includes assessment by a technician and a physical exam by a veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s health status. We will discuss ideal diagnostics to rule out critical illness and treatments needed for ideal care.

* Critical patients will be brought to the back of the hospital for further assessment and stabilization. Finances will be addressed once the patient is stabilized.

Re-Check Exam < 24 hours after Initial Exam $50

Euthanasia ​​$160

Additional shadow box paw prints $25

Communal Cremation $70

Private Cremation with Ashes Returned $100 – $390

If you pet has been hospitalized or requires an unplanned euthanasia, the euthanasia will be performed at a reduced rate.

Remains are not returned with communal cremation services.

Ashes are usually returned within 7-10 business days. We will notify you when they are received. If you do not hear from us after 10 days feel free to call or stop by.

More Info


Comprehensive Blood Panel $185

This panel looks at 22 metabolic parameters including early renal disease & electrolyte levels. A complete blood cell count is included to assess platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

Partial Blood Panels Variable Price

(Also called Pre-Surgical Panels) have a narrower range and can be used for patients with less risk of serious illness, though be aware that with these narrower panels the diagnostic value may be reduced.

Radiology $195

​A flat rate to take the number of views necessary for initial assessment of an illness or injury. This rate does not include overnight barium series studies or status rechecks.

*We do offer single-view assessment for reduced rates. They are limited in diagnostic ability but are useful for specific cases such as pregnancy checks or bladder stones.

​Extensive Radiology $235

This is an extensive series of radiographs for traumatic injuries that will include extremities and all painful areas of the body.

Ultrasound: ER scan $75

In emergency medicine there is an ultrasound technique used to help monitor internal fluid loss, asses for large internal masses, and view changes not readily seen on radiography. These scans do not look for fine details within each organ and do not replace the diagnostic value of detailed ultrasounds for less critical patients.

​Specialized Testing Available

Specialized testing may be performed to monitor or diagnose issues such as Parvovirus, Giardia, cardiac health, clotting ability, or toxin exposure. You doctor will discuss which tests compliment initial diagnostics on a case by case basis.


Referral $70

This is a transfer fee should your primary provider refer you to us after a visit with them. We will design a treatment plan for your pet’s care based on records from your primary provider and patient assessment by our staff.

Overnight Monitoring $200-275

Overnight Monitoring Includes:

  • Referral fee

  • Staff to closely monitor every patient

    • Critical patients stay in the treatment area under direct supervision of our staff

    • Less critical patients are able to be monitored in a quieter location ​​​​​​

  • Bathroom needs

  • IV fluid therapy

  • Oral medication administration

  • Online access to records of overnight changes

We ensure that a veterinarian is present and able to intervene if your pet demonstrates an unexpected change. However, there are no additional costs if we do not have to make changes or administer intravenous medications.

We will discuss risks and provide estimates depending on what’s likely in each situation and decide on the level of care you are comfortable with if we cannot get a hold of you over night.

Many patients may require extra care or treatment depending on the illness.

  • Examples include: Diabetic monitoring and blood glucose curves, oxygen dependent pets, and patients requiring intravenous medications

We will discuss additional potential costs on transfer evaluation and provide a treatment plan.

We will not perform procedures or follow up blood work that is scheduled with your primary care provider unless it’s necessary for the health and safety of your pet.

Additional Treatments Vary.