A Humane End to Suffering

In every life story, there must be an ending. We are here to make that process as painless as possible.

When is the Right Time?

Knowing when to let go is difficult, but it can be the greatest gift we can provide. Sometimes, the moment it’s necessary is apparent in an instant, other times it is hidden by a slow decline.

Trust your heart and we will help you though the choice should you need further counseling.

What is the Process?

You are welcome to be present during your pet’s last moments or say goodbye beforehand.

We place an intravenous catheter to make sure the processes goes smoothly. This allows us to stage the medications used.

An initial medication is given to help calm anxious patients, allowing them to fall into a deep sleep and putting an end to life’s final struggles.

A final medication is given that allows the rest of the body to stop operating.

You may choose to bring your loved one home for burial or have us cremate their remains. If you choose cremation we offer a communal service for lower costs, or private cremation with the return of your loved ones ashes. Private cremation costs are based on weight.

Every pet deserves remembrance. With each euthanasia we can provide a paw print placed inside of a shadow box with a slot to frame their picture.