Emergency Dog Clinic in Missoula, MT

Your dog is a key part of your family and they deserve to have the best medical care available in case of emergency. We are your locally-owned emergency clinic ready to provide high-quality care no matter the problem.

When left unchecked, serious health conditions can not only affect your pup’s quality of life but also can lead to an early death. With early detection and diagnosis, the prognosis is often much better. If you notice your dog struggling to eat, drink, walk, or breathe bring them in right away for us to take a look.

missoula dog clinic

Emergency Veterinary Medical Services

We see a wide variety of emergencies as, unfortunately, our pets are very good at hiding their discomfort until their condition is severe. You might notice that your pup is not eating or drinking, is acting lethargic, or yelps when you pick them up. They may be limping, vomiting, or acting strange. These are all potential signs that an underlying injury or illness is present. The range of potential problems is quite large and it can be difficult to immediately pinpoint. Is it an upset tummy from bad food or renal failure, early diabetes, or kidney stones? As such, having a good history and well as a physical exam and further diagnostics will help pave the way to future treatment.

missoula dog clinic


If you start to suspect signs of a small infection, now’s the time to visit your vet before the problem becomes a serious emergency. Infections set in 6-12 hours after a wound is inflicted and become more difficult to treat over time. You may notice redness or swelling around a laceration or an ear, signs of a skin infection, or difficulty urinating. All of these may be, or have the potential to become, more serious conditions. External infections can turn into bacteria in the bloodstream which is called sepsis. Urinary tract infections can move to the bladder and infect the kidney. This is called pyelonephritis.

While we can treat your pet during any of these stages, earlier treatment is better for you and your pet. Our trained and certified veterinary staff will investigate the source of the problem and recommend treatments, generally topical or oral, to relieve symptoms and cure the underlying illness.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

A couple of episodes of vomiting or diarrhea during a single day is not always indicative of a severe illness. Your pup may have indigestion from eating something strange. However, if they vomit or have diarrhea multiple times over multiple days they may be showing signs of a serious underlying condition. Renal damage, early diabetes, parasites, infections, and a number of metabolic conditions and other illnesses may manifest with these symptoms. Parvovirus, pancreatitis, and blockages are also common concerns to rule out.

If your dog has a painful abdomen or accidentally ingests poison, we may provide an injection to induce vomiting while avoiding further irritation of the stomach; we may also use activated charcoal to limit further absorption of the toxin. We can put you in contact with Poison Control and answer any concerns you may have while you are on your way to Sentinel Emergency.

Fractures and Soft Tissue Tears

Whether caused by accident or illness, your dog may at some point be faced with the pain of a fracture or soft tissue tear. When that time comes, we will help with diagnosis, stabilization, pain relief, and referral for surgery if necessary. Fractures and soft tissue tears should be treated as soon as possible for ideal healing, stabilization, and pain relief.