We remain committed to helping animals despite the Covid-19 crisis.

We also remain committed to the safety of our clients, dedicated staff, and the wider community. As such, we ask you to work with us as we seek a balance between the unique demands of emergency medicine and a safe environment for all in the midst of this crisis.

Given that emergency situations often require more discussion, education, and compassion than routine veterinary care we are allowing limited entrance into our building in addition to offering doorside service.

Please call our clinic (406-218-2800) to alert us of your arrival and let us know immediately if your pet is in critical condition.

At this time, you may let our staff members know if you prefer doorside service or indoor service. In many circumstances you and your pet may be allowed into the building for further care, but we ask that you abide by the Conditions for Indoor Service.

Other Considerations to keep you and your pet safe:

  • Cats must be in a carrier with no personal belongings in the carrier.
  • All dogs must be on leash.
  • All leashes and other belongings may be subject to cleaning with pet safe disinfectants.
  1. Call (406) 218-2800 to provide us with advance notice of your visit.
  2. Go to our Patient Portal to create an account, enter your information, and request an appointment
    Print our SVMC Authorization For Care form to fill out at home and bring to your appointment.


To increase the safety of indoor interactions, we require the following:

  1. As per Missoula County Health Department recommendations, a face covering (mask) must be worn covering the mouth and nose at all times in the building, even when no staff is in contact with you.  This applies to all persons age 5 years and up. 
  2. A maximum of 2 adults allowed per pet
  3. No visitor may be under quarantine, experiencing symptoms of Covid, or have a suspected exposure to Covid.
  4. A temperature check is required at the door and if temperature elevation is detected, you will be asked to remain outside.
  5. Please use hand sanitizer at the door.


  1. Please wear a face covering (mask) for all interactions. 
  2. Meet a staff member at the door to obtain initial check-in paperwork and information. You will be provided with a cleaned clipboard and pen. 
    Please complete this paperwork to the best of your ability, including accurate phone number and email address.
  3. A staff member will retrieve this paperwork from you to be entered into our clinical record systems. This staff member will further direct you based on the medical condition of your pet and the status of other patients in the hospital. 
  4. When both you and we are ready for your pet, we ask that you meet us at our door to transfer the pet to us. 
    Dogs must be on leash and cats must be in a carrier.
  5. Our staff member and Doctor will examine your pet and then call you to discuss their findings and recommendations.  
    -Should your pet require diagnostics, sedation or anesthesia, or hospitalization we will provide you with additional paperwork and information.
    -Once reviewed over the phone, we will ask that you meet us at the door to provide authorization/ signature and a deposit (as needed). 
  6. A staff member will direct you from there based on your pet’s condition and care plan.
  1. Frequent sanitizing of commonly used items- pens, clipboards, door handles
  2. Frequent sanitizing of reception area
  3. Sneeze guard at Reception 
  4. Thorough cleaning of exam rooms- wipe chairs, door handles, table/countertop surfaces
  5. Hand sanitizer available in lobby and exam rooms
  6. Air filters in Exam Rooms, Treatment, and Lobby
  1. Indoor service clients and pets are directed to an Exam Room as soon as possible upon arrival, spending minimal time in our lobby.
  2. Avoiding more than one party in Lobby at once
  3. Providing discharges and check outs in Exam Rooms, if possible
  4. Accommodating Door Service per request
  1. Request a staff member stay home if sick or if there is any suspected exposure.  
  2. Providing Personal Protective Equipment: exam gloves, masks (surgical or cloth), protective eyewear, gowns
  3. Requesting frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing. 
  4. Encouraging social distancing whenever possible, but recognize that it is not always possible when treating and handling pets.
  5. Limit duration of contact with clients to < 15 minutes when possible.
  6. Requiring all clients and staff to wear face covering both in the building and during outdoor interaction.  
  7. Authorizing our staff to request those that are non-compliant to go outside immediately. 
  8. Restricting hospital visitation to limit exposure.