Accessible Veterinary Emergency Care

The attention your pet needs for the unexpected.

Quality Care With a Kind Heart

We aim to be an integral part of Western Montana’s veterinary community, caring for patients that need extra attention and an after-hours presence.

We focus on communication between all parties involved- from owner education to hospital organization and outreach- in order to provide quality veterinary care.

Emergencies can be the most difficult things to handle in our lives. Our goal is to reduce stress so difficult decisions can be made with a clear mind.

As we diagnose and treat animals in pain, we provide education about the issues known and unknown. We provide options for the ideal therapy and help guide you to an understanding of the prognosis and what to expect for your loved one’s future.

Luke Anderson

Owner & Veterinarian

Luke grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated with his DVM from Ross University in 2012. He has practiced in many settings, from chasing South African wildlife to shelter medicine to day practice. He found a passion for critical care while working in a specialty referral practice for 2+ years as an emergency veterinarian. He loves the science of medicine and helping to guide owners and their animals through hard times. He has always had a dream of combining science and service under one roof. He loves to rock climb, build things, and adventure with his wife, two dogs, and son.

Cassidy Briggs


Dr. Cassidy Briggs is a Montana native, hailing from Grass Range. She holds a BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University, earned her DVM and Certificate in Global Animal Health from Washington State University, and is certified in veterinary acupuncture through IVAS. After working for several years in Broadway theatrical management, she returned home to pursue a career as a veterinarian and has never looked back! Along with her partner and her Australian Shepherd, Jackson, she enjoys hiking, skiing, yoga, knitting, and all the other adventures Missoula has to offer.

Rebecca Kerscher

Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Rebecca Kerscher was born and raised in Red Lodge, Montana. She studied wildlife biology in Missoula and graduated as a veterinarian from Colorado State University in 2007. She began work with horses and then moved to Billings where she focused on small animal medicine, surgery, and urgent care at a busy 24-hour care facility. Dr. Kerscher loves providing urgent and emergent medicine when your pet requires it and keeps raising the bar for patient care. She spends her personal time chasing after her two children, baking, hiking, running, and hopes to someday complete her kid’s baby books despite the fact that they are no longer babies!

Anna Odash

Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Odash grew up in Western Washington and began her professional nursing career as an RN for 5 years, mostly in the pediatric field. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University . Her professional passions include orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, emergency and critical care, and working with owners to provide individualized care for their pets’ specific needs. Dr. Odash lives in Missoula with her 2 labradors, Dixie and Drake, her Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Brook, and 2 orange fluffballs, Pumpkin and Juice. In her free time she enjoys skiing, fly-fishing, camping, hiking, sports and traveling the world.

Kaylee Senior


Dr. Kaylee Senior was raised on a small working farm on the central coast of California and graduated with her DVM from the University of California, Davis in 2016. Dr. Senior moved to Montana to work in a mixed practice immediately after school, which she has continued to do full time since graduation, transitioning to emergency medicine and her own rapidly growing mixed practice in Helena in 2018. She lives with her very fluffy and opinionated Malamute, two adorable Australian shepherd gentlemen, and a pair of very spoiled horses. She enjoys travel, hiking, painting, and cuddling her pile of fluffy fur babies.

Ann Vestal


Dr. Ann Vestal grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and obtained her DVM from Oklahoma State University in 2007. She has practiced veterinary medicine in Missoula, downtown Chicago, different locations in Colorado, and has been back in Missoula for the past three years. She loves emergency medicine and surgery and is honored to be certified in equine and small animal acupuncture. Dr. Ann lives in Missoula with her soon-to-be husband, Trevor, and their beloved dogs, silly horse, and ridiculous chickens. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her beloved family, yoga, hiking, floating the river, paddle boarding, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Dr. Ann is proud to call Missoula her forever home and looks forward to her exciting future with Sentinel.

Annie Wright

Veterinarian, Board Certified Criticalist

Dr. Annie Wright grew up in Quebec, Canada. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Montreal in 2000. She is a Board Certified Criticalist and has been a member of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care since 2006. Her professional interests include the treatment of shock, acute renal failure, electrolyte disturbances, critically ill cats and diagnostic ultrasound. She is published in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and has written chapters in several small animal textbooks. Throughout her career she has been involved in the medical care of military and police working dogs and the training of K9 handlers and medics who work with them. She is a founder and board member of the National Association of Veterinary Medical Services.

Dr. Wright lives in Missoula with her husband and two children. They have one dog, Angie; 2 cats, Blueberry and Don Williams and 2 beta fish. She loves exploring the outdoors, running, riding her bike and photography.

Aliedra (Alie) Norris


Alie has been working in veterinary medicine since 2014. She continued on to achieve her Certified Veterinary Assistant in 2017, and graduated as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2019. A few of her professional interests include the human-animal bond, anesthesiology, emergency/critical care, orthopedics, multimodal pain management, and exemplary patient care. Alie’s future plans include completing a bachelor’s degree as a Veterinary Technologist and specializing in either emergency/critical care medicine, anesthesiology, or both!

Ciara Gentry


Ciara has been working as a technician for four years. She started in the field back home in western Washington in general practice then switched over to emergency medicine here in Missoula during September 2019. She has three of her best friends here with her– her border collie mix, Maya, her cat, Onyx, and her paint horse, Stratus.

Shelby Meader


Shelby has been working in the veterinary field close to three years now. She has experience with small and large animal medicine. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute in January of 2021 and has become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Shelby has an interest in becoming a specialist in either equine nursing or emergency critical care. She spends her free time hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. She has two dogs, a cat, and a leopard gecko at home.

Shellina Meixner


Shellina started her career in veterinary medicine when she left Montana and moved to Texas. She returned to Montana in November 2019 and now has nearly 10 years of experience in the veterinary field. She is particularly interested in equine medicine and emergency and critical care. Shellina enjoys riding horses or spending time outdoors with her two dogs Pandora and Zodiac when not at work.

Jodie Stelling


Jodie is a licensed technician & has been working in veterinary medicine for 9 years now. In the veterinary field her passions lie in anesthesiology & surgery. Jodie loves to get out & adventure with her dogs, ride dirt bikes with her husband, & spend time with friends.

Sigourney Tuttle


Sigourney graduated tech school in Spring of 2020 and moved to Montana to pursue her bachelors degree in Animal Science. Growing up she was involved in 4-H. She has a 14 year old cat named Smudge. She is interested in large animal medicine, emergency, and cardiology. In her free time she likes going outside as much as possible and trying new things.

Our team is organized efficiently so we can stay calm and focused, giving our best to everyone we serve.

OUR DOCTORS are well trained to manage critical patients and help rule out possible causes of illness. We seek out constant learning for new ways to reduce complications and help heal our furry friends.

OUR TECHNICIANS  are seasoned in caring for painful and stressed animals, paying close attention to subtle changes as they are monitored. Our assistants are passionate about learning more and being present in every way possible for you and your loved one.

OUR RECEPTIONISTS understand the stresses involved with emergencies and approach each individual based on their needs and ideal form of communication.

What To Expect


Our team will gather a brief history and assess stability.

You will fill out forms necessary to proceed with care.

If you would like, you may enter your information ahead of time on our online portal.              

You will be seen in order of arrival with critical patients taking priority.


A technician and veterinarian will be with you to evaluate your pet and provide insight into their condition and needs.

We will provide a treatment plan outlining the diagnostic and therapeutic options, along with estimated costs, to help plan your pet’s care.


Once we decide on the approach that best suits you and your pet’s needs, we will proceed.

Treatment approaches may include:

  • Symptomatic care
  • Baseline diagnostics & treatment
  • Hospitalization


After you settle your bill we will go over follow-up care and address any questions you may have.

A copy of your records will be emailed you and your pet’s primary provider.

In addition you will have online access to your records.


We take patients in the order that they arrive with priority given to critical patients.

Our team will inform you if any significant wait time is expected.

Symptomatic Care

Alleviating Discomfort

We will always discuss some of the most likely causes of your pet’s symptoms and advise you on the best follow-up care or diagnostics that your primary provider may perform.

Frequently, there are a number of possibilities that need to be ruled out. When there is no obvious reason to suspect a life-threatening disease we are glad to alleviate pain or other discomforts.

Diagnostic Approach

What We Offer

A physical exam and detailed history can help decipher what’s going on with your pet. Diagnostics are used to rule out primary causes of illness or injury. Additional diagnostics are necessary to rule out things we cannot see. Baseline diagnostics can rule out common primary causes or help direct treatment. For example, nausea can be from eating bad food, metabolic disease, renal disease, diabetes, gall bladder issues, and gastric ulcers, just to name a few.

Hospitalization and Monitoring

Keeping a close eye while offering ideal therapy.

From minor illnesses to critical issues we can keep an eye on your loved one.

We have the ability to watch for subtle changes and adjust therapy as needed while patients are in our care. In our hospital, we are able to provide most medications intravenously since sick patients may not properly adsorb oral therapy and require fluids to maintain adequate cardiovascular support.

Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time of service.

We take Care Credit. You may apply for this service online prior to your visit.

If this is an emergency, come in. We will take care of financial needs once your pet is stabilized. 

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